Zi Wei Dou Shu (紫微斗数) – birth hours to avoid based on Year of birth for the Wen Chang (文昌) & Wen Qu (文曲) locations

[Warning: Below is a highly technical Zi Wei Dou Shu (紫微斗数) article (with some highly technical (worth a repeat here 哈哈) stuff being revealed – in the current on-going tradition of a Kinta Valley resident’s revelation journey in the world of Chinese Metaphysics]

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Continuing from my previous post, I would share in this article (which happens to be my 40th one (20 short of my nation’s independence years, though) the birth hours to avoid for 5 groups of Years of birth in respect of the the Wen Chang (文昌) & Wen Qu (文曲) locations.  It takes a bit of a re-read of the previous article to understand and grasp the concept.

Click here to read the earlier article on Wen Chang (文昌) & Wen Qu (文曲)

So, in addition to normally applied methods of birth date selection under other astrology systems like Bazi (八字) or Vedic astrology, this approach would add a layer of “fail-safe”-ness to your choice in case you don’t know a reputable or have access to a competent professional Zi Wei Dou Shu consultant for such all-important advice when you need it.

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Zi Wei Dou Shu (紫微斗数) – Wen Chang (文昌) & Wen Qu (文曲) stars

Wen Chang image - from qooza.hk

(pic courtesy of qooza.hk)

(Above: A traditional graphical representation of Wen Chang as a scholarly deity)

Wen Chang (WC) & Wen Qu (WQ) are part of the 4 Assistant Stars together with Lu Cun (禄存) & Tian Ma (天马).  They are hourly stars i.e. their location in the Zi Wei Dou Shu chart depends on the time of birth.  To see which palace the 2 stars based on time of birth, please refer to figure 1 & 2 below:

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Earth Branch Relationships in Bazi – the Hierarchy

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When you first look at a bazi chart, you may find that there are all sorts of earth branch relationships; from combinations to clashes to harms or punishment, destructions etc.  Not only in the natal chart but there are also such relationships with the Luck Pillars and the Annual Pillars e.g 丁酉 this year.  Most beginners would be confused and be at a lost at how to decipher all of it.  Where do we start? Which do we decipher first? Well, this post is about what comes first and what is later, a sort of a hierarchy and order of things.  Yes, there is a sequence (a.k.a pecking order) and it should be clearly understood that the pecking order does imply that some earth branches are secondary compared to some and they should be read as a subsequent supporting information.

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Andy Lau (刘德华) – Mishap & Time of Birth Revelation (Part 2)

A reader and fellow bazi enthusiast emailed me and highlighted to me that Andy Lau’s time of birth has been deliberated and studied by a renown Bazi Teacher in China before in his blog previously.   His article can be found here (it’s wholly written in Chinese).


For the benefit of my non-Chinese readers, I loosely translate his (Mr. 杨森批) writing here on Andy Lau’s 4P chart as follows:

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Andy Lau (刘德华) – Mishap in 辛丑 month (Part 1)

I am ardent fan of Andy. To me, he will always be one of the “Heavenly Kings” in HK TVB entertainment.  So, his accident and injury on 17 January 2017 while filming a tea product commercial in Thailand left me sad and praying that he would recover soon.  Entertainment News reported that he suffered a fractured pelvic bone after falling off a horse he was riding and was also stepped on by the horse (GOSH!)


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Ding You Year 2017 – Enter the Fire Rooster

(pic courtesy of shutterstock.com)

(pic courtesy of shutterstock.com)

After reading what other folks said and wrote about the upcoming year, and finally after months of busy-ness, floods and depreciating Ringgit syndromes, I am posting an article after a 3 month-long hiatus.  Following the tradition and timing at the end of each solar or lunar year as one tracks it, this post is about the upcoming Fire Rooster Year 二0 一七.


Years which end with “7” would have a “Ding” (丁) stem on top.  Since the last 丁year was 10 years ago i.e. 丁亥 year, the return of the 丁 is most welcome and awaited.  In Bazi, Ding is is synonymous with Li () Fire, internally yin and externally Yang, with its trademark nature depicted as “yielding at the core” and “accommodating nature”.  In short, it’s like a candle-light fire that is soft but can burn violently if in a combustible environment.

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2017 Annual Luck Analysis by the 12 Earth Branches (Chinese Animal Zodiac)

In Chinese Astrology circles, most masters use the Annual Shen Sha method to predict annual luck and fortune of the 12 Earth Branches (“EB”) according to year of birth in their annual or yearly luck forecasts for individuals.  The 12 Earth Branches are also known as the 12 Chinese Animal Zodiac signs.  We should bear in mind that there are millions of people sharing the same Chinese Animal Zodiac sign with us. So, how to perform an accurate forecast? This article explains the Annual Shen Sha approach and its usage to see one’s luck in 2017 Ding You year.


(picture courtesy of msfengshui.com)

The traditional way is to read the annual luck based on year of birth but nowadays we do use the day earth branch as a reference as it denotes the self and/or spouse while the year Earth Branch denotes one’s nuclear family or grandparents generally.  It is to be noted that the Annual Shen Sha stars are different from the Shen Sha stars used for reading a Natal Bazi chart although some stars by virtue of similar names appear in both sets e.g. Sky Horse (移马).

Since 2017 is Ding You or Fire Rooster year, we analyse the You () Earth Branch first.

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Bing Shen (丙申) Pillars and Fu Yin (伏吟) with Annual Pillar (Part 3 of 3)

Part 3 (also the final part of this article series) is on the following younger Female Bing Shen bazi Chart. And the Main Theme for 2016 is not retrenchment nor attrition but something (or rather plural something that affected her whole family individually).

Bing Shen 3 (Female) born in 1996

Bing Shen born in Bing Zi 1996 year

Day Pillar, Hour Pillar and Current Luck Pillar (Chinese Ages 16 – 26) is in Fu Yin () a.k.a Repeated Pillars.  Sad event or events? Yes and almost can be said as utter CHAOS in the home in 2016.

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Bing Shen (丙申) Pillars and Fu Yin (伏吟) with Annual Pillar (Part 2 of 3)

Part 2 is on the following Female Bing Shen Chart. And as mentioned in the preceding Part 1, the 2016 Main Theme and experience is retrenchment and attrition.

Bing Shen 2 (Female) born in 1971

Bing Shen born in Xin Hai year 1971

Day Pillar, Month Pillar and 2016 Annual Pillar is in Fu Yin (伏吟).  Sad event or events?  Yes.

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Bing Shen (丙申) Pillars and Fu Yin (伏吟) with Annual Pillar (Part 1 of 3)

“Repeated Pillars” appearing is a Bazi formation called “Fu Yin” (伏吟) phenomenon. It can happen between 2 or more pillars within a Bazi chart. It can also occur between and Annual Pillar or Luck Pillar versus one or more pillars in a Bazi chart

The olden books write Fu Yin as a crying event denoting an unhappy event. But in fact, the fu yin itself is not prosperous or unfortunate entirely. If Fu Yin relates to Favorable gods, it is favorable but if the Fu Yin is to unfavorable gods, the effect would be unfavourable.

The situation gets complicated or tricky when the stem is favourable while the Earth Branch is unfavourable or vice-versa.

Let’s look at the following 2 Bing Shen Daymasters born in Bing Shen Month charts.

Bing Shen 1 (Male) born in 1976 (below)

Bing Shen born in Bing Chen year 1976

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